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Our Priorities

Safeguard Our Community's Water Quality



Baseline Well Water Testing 

HNWC is organizing a well water testing drive to establish a baseline understanding of our community's water quality prior to groundbreaking on the I-495/90 interchange project.



Spot Testing During Construction

HNWC will seek assistance from local and state governing bodies to spot test area wells and aquifers over the course of the interchange project. 



Post-construction Water Testing

Within one year of the interchange project's completion, HNWC will organize local property owners in retesting wells. This will provide a comprehensive before-after picture of area water quality. 


Reduce Road Noise Impacts


The Need

The I-495/90 interchange is one of the busiest in the Northeast, vital to commuters and commercial truckers alike. On an average day, more than 3,000 vehicles per hour transit the interchange and generate considerable noise in the surrounding area. 


According to the Virginia Department of Transportation:

- 2,000 vehicles per hour sound twice as loud as 200 vehicles per hour

- One truck at 55 mph sounds as loud as 28 cars at the same speed


The Opportunity: Photovoltaic Sound Barriers

The Hopkinton Planning Board has proposed a new solar photovoltaic district that runs along the stretch of I-495 south of the interchange. The district did not exist during the interchange project's planning phase. Photovoltaic sound barriers may be an opportunity for the town to bring in additional revenue while helping area property owners. HNWC will look to partner with the local business community and academic institutions on the idea.

Improve Safety



Maintain Access for Emergency Responders

The Fruit Street bridge over I-495 provides emergency responders primary and secondary access to area neighborhoods. If, as part of the interchange project, the bridge is closed, response times to over 100 Hopkinton homes will suffer, especially in cases where crews must respond from another call in the Northeast quadrant of town.

Road Striping and Signage  

Fruit Street is a vital cut-through route for area commuters and even large trucks. It is a narrow and winding road with no lane or fog striping and very little signage making it dangerous for unfamiliar drivers especially in low-visibility conditions. HNWC will advocate for striping and improved signage to be done in conjunction with the Fruit Street bridge replacement project.

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